The Formal Name of the Library - Rosalind Keshin Kittay Public Library.

Who was Rosalind Keshin Kittay? Some people in Rupert remember"Rozie" and her family very well.  Her father, Michael Keshin, owned a sawmill in Kent Hollow (West Rupert) during the 1920's.
The Keshin family home on Hidden Valley Road was a gathering place for family and Rupert friends during the summer.  There were games on the lawn and plenty of food for all.
     When Rosalind married Harry Kittay, she introduced him to "summer in Rupert" and they continued coming to Rupert with their sons, Paul and Mitchell.  Harry Kittay owned a toy store in Brooklyn.  He would ship toys from New York for all the Rupert children at Christmas.  In 1983 Paul Kittay generously gave a memorial gift to the Library in the name of his mother who was a voracious reader.  The Rupert Library became the Rosalind Keshin Kittay Library. 
     After several years of nonexistence, due to lack of space, the Library re-opened in June 1999 in the former Rupert Village School.  The Library has become an integral part of the Rupert community.


The Kittay Public Library is owned by the Town of Rupert.  Trustees of the Library are elected by voters. The Town holds our insurance, pays for utilities, and major maintenance.  It is the responsibility of the Trustees to raise funds to support services to the residents of Rupert and neighboring communities. Salaries are paid by the town, but such payment is reimbursed 100% by the Library to the town.

Trustees (7) are:                                                                       
Judy Zinn, President                                
Jane Lourie, Treasurer                                   
Nicole Croff
Arlene Horn                                                  
Jean Nardi
Sarah Porter
Casey Czahor
Paid Staff:
Pat Mullen, Director
Meg Casenhiser, Administrative Asst.

Volunteers who do desk duty: 
Arlene Horn, Paula DiCrosta,  Pat Mullen, 
 Ellie Wetterauw, Carl Yackel, Elizabeth Winters, 
Louise Jones, Thelma Georgeson, Kim Davis, 
Sally Savage, Casey Czahor, Marcie Sogorka.

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