Borrowing Information

Get a Library Card
If you live in or have a second home in the Rupert area, you may get a library card.  At the circulation desk complete a card with your name, address, phone and email address.  The volunteer will assign a number and give you a library card.   You can request a universal class number at this time.  The number will be on the back of the card.

You may now check out books, audio materials, DVD’s, passes and interlibrary loans.

Loan Periods
Books                               14 days

Interlibrary Loans              21 days

Audio Materials
Audiobooks                      14 days

All DVD’s                        14 days

Limit 5 titles

Museum and Park Passes
The Library Trustees voted to introduce a new policy for use of the Vermont Parks and Museum passes because of the increase of use:
  • no more than 2 passes per week for any one family
  • return the passes at the end of the day of use
  • use the book drop if the library is not open
  • on the card  put telephone number, name of borrower, and day/date borrowed
  • leave the card in the front of the circulation bin
  • leave the pass in the envelope

Renew Items

To renew items online, email or call 394-2444 

Request an Interlibrary Loan

The following information is needed to request an Interlibrary loan:
Your name, phone number, Title of the Book, and Author.
You may email your request to , call the library
394-2444  or come in to the Library.



Are you looking for an item that you cannot find in our catalog?  Let us know.  If you have a suggestion for an item that we might purchase, email your suggestion with the following information:
Your name, phone number, type of item (Book, Audiobook, DVD  along with the title and author.
The Library appreciates your suggestions and interest in our collection.

Sign Up to stay in Touch

Are you interested in getting the Library's monthly newsletter?  Send us your email address and we will add you to our list of patrons receiving the newsletter.
Send your email to

Donate a New Book to the Library

If you would like to donate a particular book to the library(example, history of a local organization) email or call the library.
Acknowledge someone special by donating an item in their honor to the Library.  Celebrate a birthday, graduation, holiday, memorial or any special event.   Contact the Library and we will be pleased to help.