Fiber Optic Network

The fiber-optic public wireless network is available to anyone within range.  Users should select RK KITTAY PUBLIC from their device to connect to the Library's wireless network.

Users will be prompted with our library's acceptable use policy, which they must accept in order to connect to the network.

Some devices may require the User to open their browser and attempt to go to a valid website in order to accept the acceptable policy.  After accepting the policy, Users have open access to the internet.


Rupert Kittay Library Holdings

Click on the link Catalog of Holdings

The Library Holdings contain all the items in The Rupert Kittay Library collection.  You can use the link to find if we have an item.

Heritage Quest

Click the link Heritage Quest  and follow the directions.

Discover interesting information about your past. Use Heritage Quest to learn about your family tree.
You can also access Heritage Quest to do genealogical  research using your library card with  the  barcode.  Just add a zero after the 6 so that the number has 14 digits.  Click connect and start your research.  To access Heritage Quest Online, please enter the number on the back of your library card assigned to you by the Rupert Kittay Library.

Universal classes

Click the link  Universal Classes and follow the directions.
Get to and use Universal Classes
new today! 
Over 500 online non-credit Continuing Education Courses

Quick Facts:

  • You are welcome to enroll in up to 5 courses.
  • You have up to 6 months to finish each course.
  • You have access to your course 24/7 via the Internet.
  • Attend class and do assignments on your schedule. Each course has a real instructor who you may communicate with using email.
  • These are non-credit courses and are provided for your personal enrichment. These courses are not intended to be a substitute for any state, government, licensing, or educational requirements.

You can request a universal class number when you get your Library card.  The number will be on the back of the card.

Education Portal

Click the link Education Portal and follow the directions.

Catalog of Online Courses's self-paced video courses are created by the best teachers and designed to help you meet your educational goals. They will help you improve your grades, better understand concepts from class, and prepare for tests. Most video lessons are 10 minutes or less, so you get the information you need in a fast and fun format.

Browse or filter through the courses below to find one you want to preview. See for yourself why over 10 million students a month use

Easily Master Any Subject
Watch short, fun videos taught by great teachers

Vermont Online Library (VOL) offers a wide array of electronic information databases on a variety of topics geared to a variety of age levels, for both generalists and specialists. The information is produced by known and trusted publishers and includes Gale Cengage Learning databases (via Vermont academic, school and public member libraries), Heritage Quest genealogical research tools and Universal Class online learning (via all Vermont public libraries.) These resources are available to you 24-hours-a-day from not only your participating local library, but your home, your office - or anywhere Internet access is available. Please contact your library for login and password information when using the resources outside the library. - See more at:


Click on the link above.
Click on current status  and choose Rosalind Keshin Kittay Public Library.
Explore the site and choose a topic.
Your login/password information is the barcode on the back of your library card.
If you do not have a Rupert Kittay Library card stop by at the Library.  We will be happy to issue one with your barcode number.