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About the
R.K. Kittay Public Library

Named after the beloved Rosalind “Rozie” Keshin Kittay, the R.K. Kittay Public Library re-opened its doors after a prolonged absence in June 1999 in the former Rupert Village School. Since its opening, the Library has become an integral part of the Rupert community with active book clubs, children’s programming and a meeting space for local patrons.


The Keshin Family’s roots in Rupert date back to the 1800s. Michael Keshin, Rosalind’s father, owned a sawmill on Kent Hollow over in West Rupert during the 1920s and during their residency the Keshin’s home on Hidden Valley Road was often made the local gathering space for community residents and family members who would join in on summer festivities on the lawn, with plenty of food for everyone!


Rosalind married Harry Kittay, the owner of a toy store in Brooklyn, who would ship toys to the children of Rupert at Christmas. During their marriage, Rosalind and Harry welcomed two sons, Paul and Mitchell. In honor of his mother who was an avid reader, Paul gave the Library a generous gift transforming the once Rupert Library into the now R.K. Kittay Public Library that we know and love.

Library Staff and Board of Trustees

Stephen Niles

Library Director

Judy Zinn

President, Board of Trustees

Erica Shott

Treasurer, Board of Trustees

Anniken Davenport

Secretary, Board of Trustees

Arlene Horn


Sarah Porter


Carey Braidt


Jean Nardi


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