Scholarship Application

R K Kittay Public Library, Rupert, Vermont

Scholarship Application 2022

Deadline 05/20/2022

Each year the R K Kittay Public Library will award one $250.00 scholarship to a graduating senior who resides in Rupert and will be attending post –graduate studies.  Applicants need to demonstrate that they have served their community on a volunteer basis during their high-school career.  Preference will be given to applicants who have volunteered for the R K Kittay Library.

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Contact us at rupertkittatylibrary@gmail.com for more details!


Plant Sale

Saturday May 14th at the Rupert Firehouse

Our annual spring plant sale is back. Stop by the Rupert Firehouse from 9-1 and choose from a variety of plants. 
We are also looking for donations of perennial plants, please contact us at rupertkittaylibrary@gmail.com if you would like to donate any.

Plant Sale (2).png

Contact us at rupertkittatylibrary@gmail.com for more details!


Save The Date

Sunday June 5th at the Lake St. Catherine Country Club

More details to come as we get closer to the date. If you would like to register for the tournament please email us at rupertkittaylibrary@gmail.com.

RK Kittay Public Library Golf Tournament.jpg

Contact us at rupertkittatylibrary@gmail.com for more details!


Jessica Smith

Vermont Artist

Jessica Smith has a love of place. She lives on a mountain valley hillside in Southern Vermont where she and her husband raise and tend to their herd of jersey milking cows. They have a small family owned dairy and beef operation. Jessica is also and artist.

Jessica's work is focused in conceptual sculpture and abstract painting. Her art has always been an expression. It is how she processes the coming and goings.Her artwork is inspired by the seasons of change for the mountains that surround her farm as well as for the farm itself. She and her husband are dedicated to their farm and to the fragile state of the land comprising it. They are tenant dairy farmers and hope to keep these lands working and open in spite of growing challenges. Because this land is protected  in party by their herd and their work with them, they seek to usher their farm into its next stewardship with the chance to remain working and conserved for the next 80 years or more. 

In her artwork, Jessica highlights this unnamed beauty, as she see it, in its entirety.

Jessica's 8 piece collection on display in the library. All pieces are for sale. 

Pictured piece "Dahlias", oil and collage, $300


Bill's Travels to Vermont Libraries

Join us on Facebook and follow Bill's journey to libraries in all 14 counties of Vermont

Bill has journeyed from the RK Kittay Library in Rupert, VT to libraries in all 14 counties in Vermont to raise awareness of how far small rural libraries can stretch a dollar. 
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